The awesome opensource video mapping software

Fast and intuitive to use

The Story

Since over 10 years we are waiting for a videomapper which can be synced across multiple computers,
is remotely controllable over a webbrowser, has no license per output restriction and runs on every platform.

Finally I found a highly motivated coder @ccc in Leipzig and we decided to build our own videomapper and make it opensource.

The project is currently under heavy development by Jan Kuonen.


You can test the mapper here.

H = Show/hide menu
O = Enable/disable mapping mode
W = Enable/disable wireframe display
C = Enable/disable cutter display
SPACE = Play/Pause


Donations and contributions are welcome!

We will use the money for paying server costs, development hardware, drinks and food.
My dream is to gain enough donations to pay Jan Kuonen a part-time developer salary.

Think about it and hit the yellow donation button.
Developement of OpenMapper is kindly supported by and